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Here are some comments made by actual participants in mediation...

"I really enjoyed my mediator. I thought she was very fair and open to understanding our issues. I feel a third party will better our parenting communications, which will benefit our children's well being."

 "The mediator was very good at getting the other party to at least acknowledge the other person's view on various points discussed during mediation."

 "This was a great way of better understanding the situation. "

"This process is very helpful in bringing an understanding to the entire picture, which includes all divorce, child custody, or other legal issues. Thank you."


Our mediators find that participants in mediation consistently make comments such as those listed above. For many people, their attendance at mediation is the first chance to discuss the issues associated with their divorce with a third party present. The mediator helps to keep the discussion focused and sets ground rules that minimize the amount of time spent on re-hashing the problems that led to the divorce, and maximizes the time spent on finding constructive and creative solutions to the next chapters in participants' lives.


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In the past FMC had printed out mediation brochures and sold them to our membership for distribution. Recently we decided to do an updated brochure in pdf format and disseminate to our membership so that our individual members could print it out on their color printers and distribute it to the various courts, organizations and clients of their choosing.
- Wally Winters, Current Chair

About Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process used to help people reach agreements. In this process, a neutral, trained mediator works with people to discuss all of the issues related to their family conflict, to explore possible options for settlement, and to identify solutions that best meet the needs of each person involved.

When can Mediation be done?

Mediation can take place at any stage in a situation, and we believe that the earlier it is considered, the better. For...

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